Paint Program

Paint Program


Painted cabinetry remains extremely popular with consumers. Our Signature line recently improved the paint material applied to its cabinets with the following enhancements:

The formula has been changed to allow a great build,which allows the cabinet makers to apply 50 percent more paint without any runs in the finish. This also extends the paint to cover the frame joints, giving a better overall appearance.

The new formula is also stronger and more flexible, which helps hide the expansion and contraction in the doors that is natural in a real wood product.

The new finish feels smoother to the touch.

Our Signature cabinet line has the best value on painted finishes in the industry because there is no additional charge for paint in our standard offerings. This paint finish improvement increases the value of what is arguably the best value in the cabinet industry.


Create a unique kitchen customized to your personality with our Signature Custom Paint Program.

With our custom paint program you can have your cabinetry painted in any color you want. Offered for a modest premium charge simply choose a color from any paint manufacturer and we will create a sample for you to approve. The possibilities are almost endless. Use this program to create unique cabinetry that reflects your taste and lifestyle.


The profiles of doors, drawer fronts and large moldings are highlighted glazed by hand. The highlighting glazing affects only the area where the glaze is applied, the rest of the product does not change color. Since glazed cabinetry is hand finished no two doors or for that matter, no two glazed kitchens are exactly the same.